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Rental Contract Conditions

  • Cars may only be rented and driven by persons with a minimum of 1 year axperience in the driving of motor vehicles.
  • Deposit 200 - 380 USD (or card) - depending on the type of car you choose and the number of days your car is being rented.
  • The car is insured against collision damages in all European countries.
  • Locking car in every situation when you leave the car.

Full car rental insurance

  • Prices already including wrecking crane insurance and third-party risks in EU - it is standard insurance with low complicity - depend from type of car (but max to deposit)
  • Super CDW - Full insurance without complicity 5 USD / day



  Baby car sit   Roof rack / bikes carrier / ski carrier / snow chains
Price USD)/ day free of charge   low fee

  GPS navigation (actual maps in all Europe)   Autobox 280 l or 380 l
Price USD / day free of charge   low fee