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Rental Contract Conditions

I.   General Terms

a) Cars may only be rented and driven by persons with a minimum of 1 year axperience in the driving of motor vehicles with whom the rental agreement has been entered into /the rental agreement may anticipate more than one driver). Unauthorised lending by the Lessee of the motor vehicle to third persons creates an obligation on the Lessee to compensate the Lessor for any damage caused by such third persons to the full extent.

b) The Lessee who has signed the rental agreement will be liable for any damage caused by the additional drivers included in the rental agreement.

c) Cars may only be driven to other countries outside the Czech Republic at an extra fee and with the written consent of the Lessor.

d) Cars are handed over to the Lessee with all the automotive fluids and including the compulsory equipment. All comments regarding the rented car must be submitted by the lessee at the latest when the car is taken over.

e) Damage to the car body is depicted in the "Car Card", with which the tenant is acquainted with the delivery of the car and agrees with his signature by his signature.

f) The rental period expires by the handover of the car and the car keys to car rental (i.e. it does not expire by leaving the car at the side of crash, breakdown or other adverse incidents).

g) A deposit for participation in damages in the event of damage claims shall be deposited as security and the Lessee agrees that it is to be used for rectification of car damage caused by the Lessee to the extent as specified under I – V.


II.  Lessee 

a) In the event of any defect, or suspected defect, in the motor vehicle discovered while driving, the driver is obliged to stop the vehicle, inform car rental and follow its instruction; if the driver fails to comply with this procedure, the driver may face the obligationof financial participation in damages as if the driver caused the damage. If the customer is not expressly authorized by an employee of renting a car, not allowed to self repair car or put the car in for service.

b) The Lessee is obliged to accident or car theft incident immediatelly call the car rental and call the police according to the relevant State in which it is located and write a report about the event (request a copy of the registration and forward it to the landlord). In case of failure to notify police and failure to deliver a copy of the Notification of the police run the risk of payment of all damages.

c) The Lessee shall not participate in damages if the Lessee is not to be held responsible for the car crash or the damage caused to the motor vehicle due to other causes; this only applies if the Lessee presents the relevant police report stating the identity of the culprit.

d) In the event of damage caused to the motor vehicle by any of the drivers stated in the rental agreement, or where the culprit is unknown, the Lessee must participate in the damages to the maximum amount of the Lessee`s participation in damages, i.e. up to CZK 10000 (Skoda Fabia, Chevrolet Aveo) or CZK 15000 (Skoda Octavia, Chevrolet EPICA, VW Passat, VW Golf).

e) Tow-away shall be performed at the expense of the Lessee if the Lessee is to be held responsible for a crash or damage caused to the motor vehicle due to other causes.

f) The Lessee is liable for damage caused by incorrect gear shifting up to the amount of the participation in damages.

g) The Lessee may not use a rented car for testing purposes or sporting performances. The Lessee shall be liable for any damage caused                                                                          

    to the rented car due to the any other than ordinary use of the vehicle.

h) The Lessee is obliged to use safety devices against car theft (gearshift lever locked in reverse gear and other safety devices).

i) In the event of a long term car rental, the Lessee undertakes to return the car to car rental for regular inspection and maintenance every 30 days.

j) The Lessee is responsible for damages caused by him / her which he / she did not report and were found after the return of the car

k) The tenant is obliged to comply with the traffic rules in the country.  In case of law violation and the granting of a fine by the competent authorities for  speed, parking, etc., the tenant agrees to pay the associated fines and fee and agrees that the car rental company may deduct this amount from the credit card.


III. Lessor

a) The car rental fee includes a highway toll token valid in the Czech Republic and a car radio cassette free of charge.

b) The car rental fee includes road services (assistance services, substitute vehicle, tow-away) provided free of charge as long as the Lessee complies with these Rental Rules. In the event of a crash, or damage caused to the motor vehicle due to other causes, the foregoing services will only be provided at the expense of the Lessee.

c) The Lessor undertakes to remove any defects in the motor vehicle preventing its use and not caused by the Lessee free of charge during the rental agreement period (except for tyre damage, changing light bulbs, burned clutch due to incorrect gear shifting etc.- these types of damage shall be paid for by the Lessee).

d) In the event of a defect which cannot be fixed at the site of a crash or breakdown, the Lessor shall provide the Lessee with a substitute vehicle if the Lessee is not in breach of any of its obligations under I – V.

e) If the Lessor is unable to deliver to the Lessee the motor vehicle ordered, the Lessor reserves the right to deliver to the Lessee a comparable motor vehicle.

f) The Lessor is entitled to refuse car rental to persons that raise a doubt with the Lessor concerning their ability or good intention to comply with the terms of the rental agreement.

g) The car ordered shall be handed over to the Lessee clean and in good technical condition. Any claims of the Lessee regarding the rented vehicle must be asserted by the Lessee at the time of the handover at the latest.

h) The Lessor reserves the right to withdraw from a confirmed car rental order in exceptional cases.


 IV. Personal Data Protection

The Lessee gives its consent to the Lessor to make copies of the documents presented by the Lessee and use them for the purpose of fulfilling the rental agreement. The personal data contained in any such documents may only be provided to third parties if the Lessor is or will be obliged to so provide under the law (such as the driver`s identification if the vehicle is involved in the commission of a tort or crime) or for the purpose of dealing with damage or insurance claims regarding the vehicle.


V.  Charges and Penalties

a) In the event of returning the vehicle dirty CZK 200 and damage to the car interior (upholstery, seats) – up to CZK 4500.

c) In the event of the loss of vehicle documents (VRC – vehicle registration certificate) – CZK 1000.

d) Loss of keys car is a fee of up to CZK 7000.

e) The car shall be returned with same fuel volume as it was delivered with; otherwise, a replenishment fee of CZK 300 increased by the up-to-date fuel price will be charged.

f) In the event of a default in payment, the Lessee shall be obliged to pay a contractual penalty of 1% from the due amount for every day of default.

g) If lessee drop off the car before the date of return written in contract, the lessee will obtain half of remaining amount of rental.

h) In the event of car theft, the Lessee undertakes to pay to car rental participation in damages at the rate by according point II.c.

i) In the event of a violation of point I.c), ie a car departure to unauthorized states, a fee of CZK 5000 plus any other related expenses is payable.